How It Works

We’ve created a simple process to turn a photo of your living room or yard into living “proof” of Santa Claus’s visit. Just follow the simple steps below to create your very own Santa picture.

We’ve found that it helps to have a story for your child about how you got the photo. For tech-savvy kids, you can explain how motion-sensor cameras work and tell them you set yours up the night before in hopes of getting a shot of Santa. Or, in the morning when the time is right, show them the photo and explain that you heard a noise during the night, came down with your phone or camera, and that’s how you got the unbelievably candid shot of Santa Claus in action.

Here’s how to create your Santa Claus Photo:

Take a horizontal (landscape) photo of your room or yard as you’d like it to appear in the photo.
You can practice the simple process using our demo picture, or follow the directions to upload your photo. Crop your picture to get the image you want.
Choose from a selection of standing, sitting, kneeling or other Santa poses Click on the photo you want to place him in your photo.
Drag and drop the Santa to the place you’d like him in your photo. Use the controls below the picture to change size, rotate, or blur your Santa.
If you don’t like the photo, simply choose another and repeat the process. It’s all about the Santa, so take your time and have fun.
When you’re pleased with your creation, click Done to save and then Proceed to Checkout.
Follow the steps in the checkout area to securely pay for your photo. Print or display on your computer screen or phone on Christmas morning. Enjoy the delight on your child’s face!

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