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Our kids were getting to the age that they were beginning to doubt the existence of magical things like Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. We could tell by the smirk on our daughter’s face when we talked about Santa a few years ago. Deciding that somehow we needed real “proof,” I took a picture of our decorated living room, cut out a digital stock photo of Santa and placed him near the living room Christmas tree using photo editing software. The new photo looked great.


When I was alone with my daughter on Christmas Eve, running around buying last minute presents as usual, I brought up the fact that I wondered if anyone had ever taken photo of Santa delivering presents. I told a little white lie and said I had a motion-sensor camera and could set it up and maybe we could get a shot of him. She was excited and said we should try it. When we tucked her in that night, she reminded us to set up the camera.


On Christmas morning, after the hurricane of present-opening with my daughter, her little brother and her cousins, we took them all to the computer as I had “something to show them.”


When my daughter saw our photo of Santa putting presents under the tree in our living room, she shouted, “We got him, we got him, and he’s soooo fat!” Her face was filled with delight and amazement.

My wife and I knew we had to share this magical moment with other kids and parents, and that’s why we created I Believe Photos.

We hope the special moment you create with I Believe Photos stirs the imagination of your kids, amazes and delights them like it did at our house, and keeps them believing just one more year.

Tom and Ann

PS. You can email us directly with comments and questions at customersupport@ibelievephotos.com.

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